Easy Sacrifice Cover Reveal!

Picking a favorite book, let alone a favorite cover, is much like picking a favorite child. 
It's nearly impossible to do, but if I was in a life or death situation and forced to choose...  I'd have to say this is my favorite cover to date. 



He was there when I needed him. 
He showed up like some kind of hero and saved me. 
I wanted him to stay, I wanted to get to know him... I wanted him. 
But he always left without a word. 
The last time I saw him, he was in the back seat of a police car for a murder that I committed. 


She looks at me like I'm special. 
She thinks I have something to offer her, but she's wrong. 
I don't have anything more than street cred and my fists.
But for her, I'll take the fall. 
Even though I'll never deserve her, I'll sacrifice it all to make sure she can breath easy, even if I suffocate in the process.